Sunday, August 25, 2013

More Delightful Dwellings To Enjoy From Cabin Porn...

There's always a visual delight waiting when I pay a visit here to Cabin Porn and it's a pleasure to share these images with you.
You might consider living in tiny Coopered cabin to be a barrel of fun or perhaps a dwelling with a tilting roof is more your style.

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  1. They are really great, but they don't have wheels. Wouldn't a fellow like you get bored looking at the same view every day?

    1. There are some places I'd be very happy to stay at forever and a day DD, for instance the little black shack by the sea. Who could ever get bored with a view like that...

  2. The seaside one has the best view, it's true. No. 11 is the best building except for its extreme angularity and the barrel isn't angular but I might have a problem staying upright. So far I'll stay where I am because the cat is here and the fridge is full, the radio works and it's raining outside. And I can always look in the mirror for a changing view - older every minute.:-)