Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Remarkable Old Wooden Churches Of Northern Russia...

For over a thousand years, wood has  been the vital component of Russian architecture.
Up to the eighteenth century, houses, barns, palaces and churches were all made of wood and without using hammers and nails.
Some of these wonderful old structures have survived time, the harsh weather conditions, vandalism and the abandonment during the era of Communism.
Richard Davies, inspired by an earlier photographer and lover of these spectacular structures, Ivan Yakovlevich Bilbin, has produced some wonderful images of these beautiful old churches.
There's more to see here and here...

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  1. My first job was in a town that had a couple of Russian Orthadox churches. They were magnificent!!!

  2. Beautiful structures, though a couple look abandoned.

    1. You're right there Gorges, some are truly abandoned...

  3. That second image, the black-and-white one - I think I see Rasputin's ghost in it.

  4. How beautiful life is when things aren't square.
    People too!

  5. I could live in one of those , my kind of house. : )