Thursday, August 8, 2013

Gnomadik. It's A Very Cute And Innovative Micro Cottage On Wheels...

It's name is Gnomadik or if you don't get that, try Nomadic. It featured here recently on Tiny House Listings and I thought it worth sharing.
At the moment it's located in Courtenay in Canada's British Columbia but it could easily be moved almost anywhere.
I'm sorry there's no photos of the bedroom in the loft but I'm sure it follows the delightful theme. 
I do like the materials used here, the corrugated iron and the wonderful warm wood.
Gnomadik is something a little different and at seventy five square feet it's certainly little.
Some simply big ideas in tiny living...

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  1. It is a bit different that most micro houses, and that's a cool thing.

  2. I have yet to hear back from the creators of this micro cottage regarding how larger the dimensions of this cottage is and what size trailer it os sitting on . Anyone else know the dimensions and trailer size ?>