Monday, August 26, 2013

Worldwide, The Average Life Expectancy For Each Of Us Is 24,528 Days...

Worldwide, the average life expectancy for all people is 67.2 years. That's 24,528 days.
The average man will live for 65 years, 23,725 days and the average woman if there is such a person will live for 69.5 years, 25,367 days.
There is one cynical school of thought that believes women live longer than men because they don't have wives but I couldn't possibly comment on that theory.
There's some life expectancy statistics for all countries here. They make interesting reading.
The point is, how many days do we just exist and how many days do we actually live...
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  1. Dang, I am man, I am married, and I am over 70. Guess that puts me ahead of the game.

  2. If anything proves the superiority of women over men it's stats like these - but then we've always known a man could never survive giving birth!!