Saturday, August 10, 2013

Frederick Hundertwasser Was One Of The Most Exciting And Imaginative Architects Our World Has Seen...

Friedensreich Hundertwasser was one of the most exciting and imaginative architects our world has seen.
He was a master of unconventional design. Architecture abundant with the curves of Nature eschewing man made straight lines or surfaces. His world consists of asymmetrical living and working spaces, weird and wonderful walkways, rounded corners with plants and trees growing from roofs and balconies.
The man, one of my favourite people was a painter, a sculptor, a writer, an architect and of course a philosopher.
Frederick was born in Austria in 1929 and first came to New Zealand in the 1970's. He fell in love with the country and decided to make his home here. He became a New Zealand Citizen and built a home in the Waikare Inlet on the Waikino Peninsula in the Bay of Islands.
When he died in 2000, he was buried there,
in his preferred part of the world.
He was commissioned to build the now world famous toilets at Kawakawa, the only Hundertwasser delight in the southern hemisphere.
He had been inspired by a few, including the painter Gustav Klimt and his work is often compared with that of the genius Antoni Gaudi.
There's more to know about this wonderful man here and here.
We need more free thinkers like Frederick Hundertwasser...

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  1. He must have driven the builders nuts.

  2. Is it my imagination or does the picture just under the picture of Fredick have a built in sky slope on its roof?

    1. A ski slope. It could be.
      It has trees growing on it and it certainly is some sort of access way...

  3. It's good for those who like it, but it's not for me; it reminds me of an amusement park.

  4. I love his apartment buildings; obviously he studied under Dr. Seuss...a definite advantage! ;)

  5. The tower with the golden cupola is especially fabulous. I want my airship to look like that.

  6. I sat & contemplated in the toilets then bought a book on his art. I love the colours & quirky creativity.