Monday, August 12, 2013

Remember Brando Yelavich Aka Alexander Supertramp? He's Now Walked 2,700 Kilometers Around New Zealand's Amazing Coastline...

You might remember back in February I met up with then nineteen year old Brando in New Zealand's Far North. You can see him here.
He was on Day 3 of his epic trek around New Zealand's rugged and beautiful coastline. Nobody had ever succeeded in doing this before.
Now this delightful young man with dogged determination has traversed two thousand seven hundred kilometers to the Buller River in the South Island's Westland region.
I remember him saying his walk would take around six months as if it were a stroll in the park. I said I thought it more likely to take two or three years.
He's got thousands of kilometers to go but Brando had this dream. And he's doing it...

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  1. Thanks for the update. Good to see he's still at it and still well.

  2. What an amazing dream and adventure... And that he has the determination to fulfill it. Beautiful photos of a beautiful country.

  3. Gorgeous country. Do I guess correctly from that photo of the wanderer sitting by his fire that in New Zealand you can build a fire on the beach casually, without a permit? In California that has not been possible for many decades. You would get busted by cops or rangers for it. You must obtain a fire permit well in advance, and only for that one occasion in a specific location on a public beach. For that matter, the mere fact that a person can wander from place to place along the coast and camp wherever that day's tramping took him implies a level of freedom that one can't take for granted in the coastal USA. Here you have to schedule a campground spot months in advance; just spontaneously showing up at a campground is out of the question, and wildcat camping isn't permitted. You can do it, but you must take care not to get caught. Camping hasn't been free-and-easy in these parts for a very long time. Are things different in New Zealand?

    1. Thanks Kevin for that insight into what happens in your part of the world.
      I guess we do certainly take what we can do for granted and would kick up a huge fuss if we couldn't.
      Yes things are different here.
      Come and visit, see for yourself...

  4. Hi Keith a great update on Brando, not as long and as beautiful as your first but still wonderful.Cheers

  5. What does he eat ? Does he have money with himself? Thank you