Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Ellen Mary Carter. A Beautiful Victorian Home On Wheels And A Bluegrass And Gospel Band Tour Bus...

Paul Bezilla emailed me wondering
if I'd like to feature The Mary Ellen Carter, his beautiful Victorian home on wheels.
What a delight, thankyou Paul.
The late songwriter Stan Rogers penned the story of the ship called The Mary Ellen Carter. The song which has since become an inspirational classic in the Bluegrass and Gospel genres, tells of triumphing over great adversities, of the crew and local community saving the sunken ship.
Some years ago, Paul found this grand old lady, a derelict shell sitting forlorn and forgotten.
Inspired in part by Stan Roger's song, he decided to act on his instincts and bought the remains  home. Little did he realise how big a project he'd taken on. You can see the complete build here. Building Miss Mary has been like trying to fly an airplane while you're still building it says Paul who's put countless hours into giving this wonderful lady more than just a face lift.
Paul is part of the three piece Bluegrass and Gospel group playing out of Winnipeg called StillStanding, and they use the beautiful Mary Ellen Carter as their official tour bus.   

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  1. My two most favorite types of music, blue greas and gospel.

  2. Most amazing tour bus on the road. Love it.

  3. Shared this. Inspirational! Does Paul Bezilla never have a rest?

  4. This really is a labour of love! Beautiful work. And the music is pretty good too. Just found a youtube video that feature the Mary Ellen Carter here:'s good to see it actually driving.

  5. I see it was originally a school bus! What an amazing and beautifully done transformation. I love it.

  6. Passion, commitment and perseverance certainly deliver the goods!