Thursday, August 22, 2013

Norway's Prime Minister Takes A Second Job As A Taxi Driver...

Norwegian Prime Minister didn't have to take a second job as a cab driver for financial reasons.
Jens Stoltenberg just knows as politicians the world over know that the people who actually know what's happening and how their country should be run are its hairdressers and cabbies.
So donning a cab driver's uniform and dark glasses he got behind the wheel of an Oslo cab.
The comments and the passengers reactions on realising who the driver was were captured on a camera. Some naturally enough took advantage of the situation to tell the Prime Minister how they saw things and how he should be running the country. As you would.
Mistaking the brake pedal for the clutch at one time, the passenger advised the Mr Stoltenberg not to give up his day job.
But with him and his party lagging behind in the polls prior to the September elections, perhaps he'll keep his job options open... 
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  1. I love it - a sign of a real democracy. Sure wouldn't happen in the USA, or even any state thereof.

    BTW, Norway is the fiscally soundest nation in the world. Their national debt is *negative* 100+ percent of GNP. So I fancy they must be doing something right.

  2. I can't help thinking that Obama would be a much better cab driver than he is president, and that our country wouldn't be run better by some crusty old cabbie.

    1. He has lots of practice on the driving range

  3. One has to see it for what is was. A publicity stunt designed to attract the media during his campaign. Has absolutely nothing to do with actually wanting to get the peoples opinions. He already gets those by the scads everyday.

  4. While this is interesting it smacks of gimmick and political stunt. Now if you told me he had been doing this for a year incognito I would be more inclined to be impressed. Sounds like he's electorally motivated. Still it is an interesting post, thanks.