Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wow! Twelve Life Sentences. That's Three Thousand Three Hundred And Eighteen Years Thinks Convicted Batman Theatre Killer James Holmes. That's A Long Time...

Wow! Twelve life sentences. A total of three thousand three hundred and eighteen years in jail with no chance of parole. If I'd known I was going to get that length of sentence I may not have done it, convicted Batman theater killer seems to be thinking as he's led away from the Colorado courtroom to begin his never ending term of imprisonment.
But nothing seems to deter some of the US citizenry who continue to reign terror on their fellow Americans.
The homegrown killings far outnumbering the number of terrorist acts perpetrated on US soil by known terrorist groups.
The enemy within.
And when will Americans stop killing each other?
Probably, like James Holmes prison sentence.
Never. And when will the people of the world stop committing atrocities against each other?
Again, probably never...


  1. It is my fervent hope that his fellow incarcerated inmates in whichever "correctional institute" he ends up in will complete the job that the state of Colorado failed, and cut short his sentence, commuted to a deep hole in the ground on a cold, lonely plain to be forever forgotten, like Jeffery Dahmer before him. This useless douchebag should not be allowed to continue to consume air, food, medical resources and housing that a worthy person could use. Take the money that will be spent to warehouse him for the next 50-70 years and give it to one of those refugees that you were wringing your hands about a few posts back. I'm sure that any one of them could contribute to society many times over in comparison.

    1. I'm sure the money spent on incarceration in the US could be much better spent Mr S...