Wednesday, September 2, 2015

German College Student Leone Muller Chooses To Live Life As A Train Nomad...

Presented suddenly with options she hadn't and wouldn't have considered without a dispute with her landlord causing her to move from her apartment, twenty three year old student Leone Muller realised she didn't want to live in a normal accommodation anyway.
She didn't want to live anywhere.
She wanted to be free
So she purchased a subscription which allows her to travel on any train in Germany with no other cost. And the price was much less than what she was paying in rent.
Now Leone is a 'train nomad', washing her hair in the train bathroom and doing her college work and a blog on her new life choice while traveling at a hundred and something miles an hour. Her life's needs like clothes, computer and bathroom essentials fit into a small backpack.
Apart from saving money on rent, she's realising that downsizing and living simply has wonderful advantages. She hopes that what she's doing will inspire others to question their habits and what they consider to be acceptable,
'normal' behaviour.
Why be normal she says. Be you...


  1. What a brave little constant comuter Leone Muller is.
    To go against the flow and not be a sheep, like most of the Human race is, takes some guts.
    Just hope she doesn't feel travel sick after all those 100 mile an hour trips....Jennybee

  2. This isn't entirely new... my brother did something similar decades ago when he was about that age... however, he did it as a tourist for several weeks, not as a permanent lifestyle choice.

    And quite frankly, the best night of sleep I got in France was overnight on a train. Hmm... now if I could just convince the wife and kids....

  3. How I adore these free thinkers! At least she will never get tired of the scenery.