Monday, September 7, 2015

Nashvilles Homeless Get Bright Teeny Tiny Houses To Live In And Call Their Own...

A few days ago, six vehicles towing teeny tiny trailer homes made their way down Broadway to the Reverend Jeff  Carr's Green Street Church grounds where they are now housing some of Nashville's poorest.
Yes they're small but they are shelter and they are accommodation and they are something these homeless folk have never had.
The security of living in their own home.
And no matter how humble, there's no place
like home...


  1. Looks like one would have to sleep standing up, but yes, it is a shelter out of the elements.

  2. So it turns out the solution for homelessness is . . . homes. Who'd have thunk it?

  3. Something the Brit government should read about and act on. It's much better than living out of a cardboard box in a doorway.(I have seen in some place than the kind and considerate have installed spikes in some doorways to prevent people from sleeping there) The alternative to the boxes are hostels which some homeless people, particularly if they suffer from some form of mental illness, avoid like the plague on account of the bullying they are subjected to by other "inmates". And not everyone think it's a marvellous ideas sharing with lots of other people. I know I would much prefer a tiny home of my own than a hostel. And a box under a tree at the end of the lane would also be preferable to any hostels.