Thursday, September 17, 2015

After Three Million Years Of Evolution...

After three million years of evolution.
We've lost only the hair...


  1. How disgusting. I'm glad I didn't evolve from an ape.

    1. I thought amusing rather than disgusting but...
      What did you evolve from?

  2. I got a good laugh when I looked at today's post. The scientists have found out that the big hominidae and humans have 98% of their genes in common. Now we also have seen it with our own eyes. I believe the creature with most hair is the most beautiful.

  3. Funny how we never invite our primate brothers over for dinner . . .even though they look a lot like family.

  4. In geological terms 3 million years is not all that long. We're actually forging ahead quite quickly.

  5. We (humans) have 90 percent of our genes in common with the house cat and 70% in common with the humble mouse. Random processes x time = complexity? Looking at my aging body and the world around me clearly indicates that the reverse applies. Random processes x time = decay or loss of complexity. Perhaps the complexity of the genome points most logicly towards design.

  6. Notice that the member of H. sapiens in the picture, unlike the member of P. abelli (or is it pygmaeus?), is wearing eyeglasses. For that matter, I am viewing the picture on a computer, over the Internet, these things also having been made by humans, and quite beyond the capacity of any orangutan to produce.

    Hence, three million years of evolution does seem to have done something for us in some important respects, even if the superficial changes in appearance are limited.