Friday, September 11, 2015

Said To Be 104 Years Old, Gunther Krabbenhoft Is A Wonderfully Stylish Fashion Statement No Matter What Age He Might Be...

Some people are suggesting Berlin's Gunther Krabbenhoft is one hundred and four but he says he's a lot younger. Some people are suggesting that he should know but let's not let silly unimportant facts get in the way of a good story.
Gunther is one great timeless fashion statement and someone many young and hip fashionista's could learn a thing or three from.
I've always dressed like this, it's a reflection of my inner self says Gunther, I want to be able to look at myself with joy.
Thankyou Mr Krabbenhoft, no matter how old you are, you look wonderful...


  1. What a wonderful colourful hat-collection and nice footwear Günther shows. I would like to see more of that kind of men in the town where I live.

  2. Must be a weather-guesser...look at the high water cuffs! Very dapper, regardless.

  3. Seeing someone who is well groomed while making a statement of who they are on the inside is like seeing a smiling face in a crowd of gloomies. I bet he has lots of friends too.

  4. Too bad more "gentlemen" don't follow suit (no pun intended).