Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This Tiny Camper Expands To Three Times Its Size At The Touch Of A Button...

It had to happen.
People want small and big at the same time.
And supposing the electrics function properly and reliably, by pushing a button, Beauer's tiny teardrop styled camper goes from 43sq ft to 129sq ft in a moment or less. If the electrics work. You've heard of Murphy's Law.
There's more about this here
if you'd like to know more.
And then there's their expandable van concept...


  1. The design is beautiful but perhaps far to futuristic for me.

  2. Yes! I love the concept. Though the electronics are, as you suggest, a regrettable dependency. I would prefer a system that works by mechanical means alone, even one that can be operated by muscle-power, such as a pedal-driven system: slower, but probably more reliable.

    I like the telescoping idea; there are also other ways of expanding a structure. Chuck Hoberman's folding geodesic domes come to mind.


    P.S. - I've been offline for a while 'cause my device went kaput. I'm at the library now. V.

  3. Take a simple concept and add technology: ruin and complicate! Does not look too bad though, but not for me. I am a Neanderthal I like simple.