Sunday, September 6, 2015

Shame On You World...

I post these images with a very heavy heart.
But with no apology.
I am upset. I am sad. I am angry. I am crying.
And like you. I am not powerless.
Please join me and millions of others in demanding action from our governments to increase their paltry efforts and somehow bring an end to the unprecedented humanitarian crisis the world is experiencing.
The world refugee dilemma is not new and more than fifty million people are in a homeless situation right now. Right now.
They are looking for a place to shelter
and be safe but there doesn't seem to be
much room at the inn.
This beautiful little Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi aged three, his brother Galip and their mother Rehan all drowned last Wednesday off the coast of Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula. Their father and widower Abdullah survived the tragedy but will he survive life. This family were seeking freedom. Something we all take for granted.
Please do something.
I see Sir Bob Geldof has offered to put up four families at his London home. There are many who could do something like that.
If you're crying at these images, If they shock you. If you're angry about what is happening, then that's good. It shows you're alive.
And if you're alive, you have choices.
Please make some...


  1. I've a grandson almost that age. My daughter married a Kurd from that part of the world. The boy looks like family to me.

    My heart breaks.

  2. This dead child and his dead siblings are family to all of us Caucasians.
    My own great grandparents were refugees when they were evicted from their Crofts, during the heartless "Clearances" in Scotland by heartless English landlords in the 1840's.
    Their progeny settled and developed New Zealand.
    There is still work to do here in our extensive acres.
    I prefer the choice of hard working settlers to lazy entreperneurs with money but no love of this land.
    The Government should certainly rattle their priorities...

    1. Thats sad and makes me want to read more of my history because I am Syrian Scottish and English smh 😢

    2. Thats sad and makes me want to read more of my history because I am Syrian Scottish and English smh 😢

  3. It's a terrible story on your blog today, Keith. And you would have a heart of stone if it isn't bleeding looking at these photoes. They are a picture of the tragedy that has hit the world. War, violence, refugees that dies in the most cruel ways when they try to find security somewhere in the world.
    It's hard to believe it can be worse than that.
    And perhaps there is a light somewhere. I hear about more and more people that can't look at the way the world turns up - and they do something. The Egypt man Naguib Sawiris that will buy an island to give refugees a safe place to stay. The Norweigan couple that sells their car and belongins to go to Lesvos, Greece to help refugees. And we who donate some money to some of the organisations who do something. Yes we can do something - and something needs to be done. But the politicians are afraid to do anything. The power must come from plain people.

  4. Living here in Hungary we are in such a state of "what to do" it is beyond belief. Thousands cross our borders daily in an effort to get to other Western countries to find new lives in peace. Government and private citizens are at their wits end because no one was prepared for such a deluge of humanity who need food, water, shelter, medical care etc. These people have come mostly on foot, from unimaginable distances looking for a place of peace and a better life for their families. Hungary is a struggling poor country with rampant unemployment, homelessness and skyrocketing prices. The refugees coming in are often stuck in no man's land because they don't want to stay here but other Western countries don't want them. The question one hears every day is how to separate the wheat from the chaff since such a volume of humanity is the perfect breeding ground for terrorists who can infiltrate Europe. There is also a fear of epidemics with no way of treating such large numbers due to an unheard of shortage in medical staff, equipment and hospitals even for Hungarians. It is impossible to screen so many people in so little time as the push from without traps them within our borders. Any suggestions that will bring results? Our efforts have been as useless as trying to put out a forest fire with a cup of water.

  5. The world has turned upside down and inside out.