Saturday, September 19, 2015

Waiting At A Bus Stop In Russia Can Be An Interesting Experience...

Canadian photographer and traveler Christopher Herwig returned to what was the Soviet Union a decade ago to photograph the architectural oddities that are Russia's bus stops.
There's more here but these roadside waiting pavilions are the legacy of many of the vast region's local artists and architects striving to express themselves through their art...


  1. What amazing wildernesses abound in Russia.
    The Artists efforts at sculptural bus stops are amazingly diverse and original. Colour and quirkyness in a land full of very little else to delight the eye.
    I hope they were funded....Jennybee

  2. How very interesting. I've never seen these artistic wonders before. Russia was always presented to the world through a political lens when they have so much more to offer and often we are too ethnocentric to see what cultures around us have to enrich our lives.

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