Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Thankyou Germany...

Thousands and thousands of immigrants
and refugees are, as you're reading this, arriving in Germany where they're being welcomed
with open arms.
The Pope has ordered each of his churches in Europe to provide accommodation for at least one family. The Finnish Prime Minister has offered his second home to refugees. People around the world are opening their hearts and their homes, making ready their spare rooms in order to give shelter to the displaced pouring into their countries.
I wonder why they wouldn't do the same for their own homeless and displaced but never mind.
Thankyou Germany...


  1. Yes, "Thank you Germany"
    New Zealand will also have some refugees here by Xmas it seems, which is better than none.
    However, the turmoil in the Middle East will be ongoing until it becomes a weapon free zone as the Pacific is.
    If the arms makers were de-armed and the Nuclear power was shut down we might have a chance to have peace in our time....Jennybee

  2. The Germans can be proud right now. I'm ashamed of being a Dane.Our government are lowering support to regugees and developing aid. But we are some (more than 7000 at the monent) who made a request to the Danish government to be responsible and take care for the refugees, to cooperate with the other countries in the EU to find solutions to open the borders to refugees and.... I do hope everything each of us do will be a help to people who suffer as refugees trying to escape war, crimes, hunger and other unacceptable conditions. And I pray the the politicians will open their eyes and get into action.

  3. Well I wrote the Germans could be proud of themselves. The last day has made me proud of the many Danes that is commiting civil disobedience. The go up against the Danish government and the restriktive regulations concerning refugees.
    Monday evening and night a lot of Danes started their cars and drove to the little island where refugees comes into Denmark and start walking on the fields and along the roads. The volunteers picked up a lot of refugees and transported them to Copenhagen or Sweden. A Swedish reporter said that the policemen gave up and collectively went eating dinner while the private cars got filled with refugees.
    Others are giving food, clothes and a warm bed to refugees. A Danish woman has used her boat to transport refugees to Sweden.
    I certainly realize that people here stand up for what they believe is right and shows compassion. Well done to my brothers and sisters, son and daughters of the vikings.

    1. That is wonderful Hanne.
      Marvellous news! Thankyou so much for sharing that with us.
      Many many thanks to your brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the vikings...