Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Sons And Daughters Of The Vikings Come To The Rescue...

I received this comment from Hanne Maja Christiansen and am compelled to share it.
It touches my heart and restores some faith in humanity. Thankyou, sons and daughters
of the Vikings.
"Well I wrote that the Germans could be proud
of themselves. The last day has made me proud of the the many Danes who are committing
Civil Disobedience.
They go up against the Danish government and the restrictive regulations concerning refugees.
On Monday evening and night, a lot of Danes started their cars and drove to the little island where refugees come into Denmark and start walking on the fields and along the roads.
The volunteers picked up a lot of refugees and transported them to Copenhagen or Sweden.
A Swedish reporter said that the policemen gave up and collectively went and ate dinner while the private cars were filled with refugees.
Others are giving food, clothes and a warm bed to refugees. A Danish woman has used her boat to transport refugees to Sweden. I certainly realise that people have stood up for what they believe is right. And show compassion.
Well done my brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the Vikings".
Perhaps a Peoples Revolution is happening...

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  1. In this situation the word "Arms" has become a welcoming word instead of a destructive word. Amen.
    May the Danish individuals efforts be an example to the wider world.
    Vikings have been leaders before.......Jennybee