Sunday, July 1, 2012

You Don't Need An Oven To Make Beautiful Bread...

Well perhaps that's not quite true
says Stu Silverstein, aka Breadhunter.
A Dutch oven will do just fine but you'll need to be vigilant, you could reduce your wonderful loaf to a cinder in no time.
Baking bread outdoors on an open fire is fun he says on his blog here, give it a try.
Deciding against lawschool and a career with the FBI, Stu got a life and a VW bus and went in search of real bread.
Not finding what he wanted, he returned
to Maine on the East Coast of the US and
started making his own.
His world is Bread. Sourdough is his speciality.
He makes it, talks about it, writes about it.
He makes bread ovens.
Each year he travels to Guatemala to build energy efficient ovens for the Mayas.
If you like bread, you'll like Stu's...

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  1. Can you smell that smell? Wonderful!

    1. Joel, I can smell it!
      It's been driving me crazy all day!
      I really need to taste it.
      I ordered a loaf on-line this morning and it's taking forever to get here!

  2. Looks very yummy, if you make some I will come for lunch....

  3. Yum. Looks like something I would like to have a go at making. Can get the recipies too!

  4. It is very clear that Stu "tiene miga"!

  5. keith please cut me one slice from the out side and marj and marmite it please or peanut butter if you have run out marmite

  6. In the States Lodge sell a LCC3 Pan with a handled lid.. in Chad Robertson's book "Tartine Bread" you'll find some good bread recipes