Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Now There's A 3D Printed Running Shoe That Could Help The Wearer To Win Gold...

Shoe technology's come a long way since the Greek messenger Hermes was seen running around in his winged sandals.
Now, French engineering and design student Luc Fusaro has created this 3D printed running shoe that can actually be worn and run in.
He says it conceivably could take up to 3.5 percent off a runners time.
Time will tell.
There's now 3D printed technology it seems to make everything and anything from cars to artificial hearts and lungs.
An amateur gunsmith calling himself 'Have Blue' has made a 3D printed gun that evidently fires real bullets and is therefore probably capable of killing real people.
The mind boggles. Well mine does.
Perhaps I'll replace it with a 3D printed version...

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