Sunday, July 22, 2012

Now You Can Take A Tour Inside Antarctic Explorer Ernest Shackleton's 104 Year Old Survival Hut At the South Pole...

Now, thanks to the Google Street View team who has been systematically mapping imagery that allows us to access some of the world's most historic places, you can have this amazing visual experience.
The latest location takes us to the ends of the earth to look inside Shackleton's survival hut built in 1908 near the South Pole.
By taking several photos using fish eye lenses, the Google team was able to stitch together images to create one 360 degree experience.
Just to get in the mood, put on some thermals, waterproof boots, a warm jacket, don't forget a hat, some fingerless gloves, you have to control the mouse remember, and click on here.
Then scroll down the text and click on Shackleton's Hut. That will take you to the Google page, then use the directional icon at the top left of the photo to move around the hut.
When you're in there, don't touch anything and don't go wandering off outside alone.
See you when you get back...

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  1. Amazing photos and an AMAZING book I might add.


  2. Looks like a good place to hibernate..

    1. we are becoming a race of armchair sailors.Admittedly it's good for the planet but I dread to think what it's doing to the spirit of adventure.

      MUTATE AND SURVIVE. On the button.

  3. I don't understand what I'm looking at here, Keith. Where has this hut been all these years with all the things inside it? Under the snow or what? Or isn't it real? I saw that you can see Pompeii through the same viewing system - Huh? Help me people?

    1. It's very real and it's where it's always been Liz, right there in the Antarctic, being wonderfully preserved by the cold conditions and many organisations.
      It really is just as Shackleton left it over one hundred years ago.
      I've just added extra directions on the post to help you get there...

  4. To go on the tour I clicked on the link, scrolled down through the text and clicked on 'Shackleton's Hut' then the large Google picture came up.
    The tour was worth risking virtual frostbite!

    1. May i suggest you empty out your deepfreeze and sit in it while viewing it on your lap top. Thats for the really adventurers out there.

      On the button.