Thursday, July 19, 2012

Play Me I'm Yours...

Scattered around Canada's Toronto
are forty one specially painted pianos.
Each one yours to play.
Each one celebrating a nation taking part in the 2015 Pan American Games. And each old recycled piano has it's own story of where it comes from, painted by an artist from one of the countries, the colours, designs and themes reflecting the wonderful diversity of cultures.
The original idea belonged to artist Luke Jerram and thirty 'street pianos' were spread around London as part of the Play Me I'm Yours Festival.
Since then the wonderful idea has gone to San Paulo, New York, Malta, Geneva, Cincinnati, Sydney and more.
Luke's idea was simple, to get strangers to stop and talk with each other, to break down barriers to communicaion. Radical thinking Luke.
Now people are not only playing pianos, they're actually singing on the streets.
Whatever next..

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  1. now THIS is a very cool idea. i especially like that each piano has its "story" on it...

  2. We had six pianos in Rotorua for quite a few months. They sat out in all sorts of weather and occasionally you would hear some skilled playing. They were fun. I think that at the end of the period, those that could still be played were given to people who wanted them. I don't know who set this up.