Monday, July 9, 2012

Christmas Day. June 8, 2012...

Not many things make me as happy as
a pig in the proverbial but one of them is free-range firewood.
I'm a simple man, easily pleased.
There it was, just waiting to go to a good home.
My friend John, another opportunist
and a Father Christmas look-alike,
alerted me to where it was.
We loaded it into his car and delivered it to TFT.
Then it was out with the wood-splitter.
Don't you just love the smell of freshly split wood, it's good enough to bottle.
A bit of drying out time and soon it'll be warming my little home before going up the chimney.
Watch out Santa.
Merry Christmas everyone...
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  1. Was it already sliced to a thickness you could use and just had to split it or did you have to slice it with a chain saw?

    1. Yes the treefeller fella's had sliced all the rounds and left them scattered on site.
      So they're of varying thicknesses but managable, you know, just like you'd get all vacuum packed at a supermarket haha...
      So I'm splitting it and will dry it for a time in the sun...

  2. Well then, get enough to last til Christmas.

  3. Oh for the simple pleasures!

  4. Yes do be careful of Santa, don't want to singe his whiskers... Or anything.

  5. About 40 Policemen storm Gary's house. Two big Policemen detain Gary and the rest start chopping up the firewood. "What's going on Officer?" Gary inquires. The Policemen says "We have had a tip-off that you are hiding marijuana in your firewood" Upon finding nothing the Police leave and shortly afterwards Gary's best friend and neighbor John phones, "Are the Cops Gone?". "Yes" replies Gary "they chopped up all the wood". "Yes, I know" Says John "Happy Birthday Bru see you at the BBQ tonight"....

  6. A great friend of mine is very often out with his maul on his property, creating a little work site at each place a tree has fallen, working methodically away in the summer mornings knowing he will be warm in the winter!