Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wild Elephants Mourn The Death Of A Famed Elephant Whisperer...

When Lawrence Anthony died earlier this year, the two formally wild herds of elephants now resident of the huge game reserve at Thula Thula in South Africa's KwaZulu, took twelve hours to slowly make their way through the Zululand bush until they reached the Anthony compound, to pay their respects.
Lawrence Anthony, the conservationist, had saved their lives a few years earlier and now, for two days these beautiful beasts loitered to say goodbye to the man they loved.
How did they know he'd died?
Who knows but it seems they did.
You can learn more about
this famed Elephant Whisperer here...

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  1. What an amazing story of the love and communication between this man and the wild elephants... Far more intelligent than humankind gives them credit for... And they are shot... How tragic.
    I wonder who will continue his work now.

  2. how sad but so beautiful.Its a shame we humans dont take the time to be aware of what happens around us .Some of us try but most have there heads to far in the clouds