Friday, July 20, 2012

Meet Stella McQueen, New Nomad, Ecologist, Writer And Fish Geek...

Giving up her day job a few months ago,
Stella secured a contract from a publishing house to write her second book,
'Freshwater Fish In New Zealand'.
She then got in her new, old camper aptly named Maxine van Ford and headed off to explore this beautiful country, trying to be disciplined enough to write enough words a day so the book can be published sometime next year.
There are seventy different freshwater fish species in New Zealand.
Stella knows them intimately and talks fondly of them all.
They speak highly of her too.
Soon, she'll be meeting up with top wild-life photographer Rod Morris who'll add his images to her words.
She's at Uretiti for a couple of days on her way to somewhere to meet as many new fish and fish geeks as she can...
Images below by Stella McQueen. Some of her freshwater friends...

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  1. If I could getbpaidvto travel in my RV and fish all over the country, I would think that I had died and went to heaven.

  2. I have also met Stella on her new journey 'On The Road'. An interesting lady chasing several goals and enjoying the challenge. Good luck to her.

  3. Is Stella doing a sideline survey of fish and chips shops?

  4. yeah... how do some folks seem to get so lucky?!

  5. She's not lucky. She's a smart educated girl with a boundless drive. She works like a trooper at what she loves