Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Zealand's 'World's Steepest Street' Has It's Own Unique Fun Race...

Pamplona may have the Running of The Bulls but New Zealand's Dunedin has the Running of The Balls.
Around ten thousand people lined Baldwin St, the world's steepest street that has a gradient of 1/19 to watch this years annual Cadbury Jaffa Race yesterday.
Fifty thousand individually numbered Jaffas are set off in two races from the top of this little street with the winning Jaffa taking about thirty seconds to complete the 350 metre course.
Each year since the inaugural race in 2002, the fun event has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for local charities.
Jaffas are an iconic New Zealand confectionery that have been around forever and the sound of them rolling down the aisles of local movie houses will bring back fond memories for many...

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  1. Great photos of what looks like a gentle event. Less residue than the bulls would leave too!

  2. Imagine if they were actual Aucklanders rolling along....

    1. Haha I can Liz but I don't think the rest of the world knows that Aucklanders are often referred to as Jafa's...

  3. Well... I've learn't something today. I did not know that New Zealand was home to the world's steepest street.
    I am also wondering if you can stil buy Jaffas?

  4. I have just 'Googled' Jaffas and yes you can stil buy them. Introduced to Australia and New Zealand in 1931 they are now made by Cadbury in New Zealand and Allen's Sweets in Australia... And still as yummy as ever.

  5. how deliciously fun!

  6. if i could i would be so stupid to lie on top of all the jaffers...nekminute all the the jaffers crack lol