Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Handmade Felted Footwarmers...

My friend Angela presented me with a pair of handmade felted footwarmers the other day.
I'd seen her knitting these strange shapes and had no idea each oddity would morph into fabulous felted slippers for winter
and the great indoors.
They're made by knitting special felting wool, the strange origami shapes sewn up at certain points becoming things to put your feet in. They are then put in hot water and agitated there for a time while the stiches relax and then they mat up again and become felted.
But you probably knew that.
A wonderful age-old traditional craft that I've just become familiar with...

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  1. well keith thats great ,now do you have a friend who can make you a pointed hat and a green waistcoat.

  2. Love them!
    Your Blog makes my day :-)

    Oval 5