Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Fold-Up Guitar For Travellers...

For all you guitar players who usually cut your guitar in half when you go travelling, you'll be pleased to know that Voyage-Air have designed a line of travel guitars that fold
at the base of the neck.
The guitars fit into their own carry case.
Maybe the company's considering
a range of fold-up grand pianos for travellers...

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  1. That is neat. Keeping the neck straight on any guitar is a must, and this one looks like it would be easy to adjust. If not, you could just get a new neck.

  2. New neck! Can you get new heads at the same place?
    I'll have one.
    On second thoughts, two could be good.....but then I might start having third thoughts! Oh shut up, Liz and go to bed.

    1. i thought Pete Townsend invented the folding guitar?

    2. PT may well have invented the folding guitar but Voyage-Air are making them...