Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Celebration. One Thousand Posts...

I bought this stunningly beautiful glass sculpture of Miles Davis blowing his trumpet at a market on San Francisco's Union Street back in the 1980's.
The great musician had them made by a highly talented glass artist and usually gave them as gifts. It's about 16 inches high, exquisitely delicate and I was lucky to get it.
It's apt for today. If you'll indulge me,
I'll blow my own trumpet. Just a little.
Today's post is the thousandth post and the latest in over 950 without missing a day.
I'm delighted to bring it to you and thank you for sharing the oft-times funny, weird and wonderful journey The Flying Tortoise is on.
There's been many highlights, the biggest is the friends I've made around the globe.
Discovering the 'Stats' blogger information a year or so ago was a revelation and I've watched the daily page views go from under 200 to steadily climb and go over 11,500 on one day just a week or so ago.
My aim, apart from amusing myself, is to present something brief, humorous, entertaining, maybe inspiring, thought provoking and informative to you each day.
Perhaps brighten another's day and contribute something positive to the world.
Some days are funnier, more entertaining and informative than others but that's life.
Your humorous, intelligent, critical and yes, pithy commenting too, is welcome.
Freedom of speech is valued here as is the lack of profanity.
There are millions of blogs out there.
I thank you for taking precious time to visit here...

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  1. Congratulations and you are doing a really great job. You deserve the trumpet award. Go ahead and blow your own Horne, you earned the right!!

  2. Thankyou for engaging us with your take on life out there. I am a dedicated follower in my own fashion.

  3. Congratulations and well done Keith. I thoroughly enjoy your blog and the daily variety you present, always thought provoking in different ways.
    Yes, indulge and blow your own trumpet for your very worthwhile effort.
    As an aside - your beautiful glass sculpture reminds me of the jazz musicians I saw and heard on the streets of New Orleans when I was there.
    Like you and your sculpture... Wonderful

  4. keith Its a daily must to pop in and visit your blog ,well done

  5. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, photos and humour. Congratulations on 1000 posts!

  6. Congratulations Keith!

  7. You wouldn't by chance know the artist name? I have a saxophone player identical to that. Looking to find more to make a band =)