Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More Than 31 Million People Are Displaced By Natural Disasters Each Year...

Many people are working to ease some of the million's suffering and come up with solutions. Easily portable, cheap, disaster relief shelters.
One of them is designer Michael McDaniel.
Prompted by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina which decimated the city of New Orleans, Michael worked tirelessly on what became an obsession and created the Exo Reaction Housing System.
When bureaucratic government agencies wouldn't give his solution the time of day,
Michael continued alone.
Now his passionate persistence has paid off.
Now there are stacks of his relief modules ready to go to current and future disaster zones.
One person can make a difference...

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  1. Passion and persistence pay off. Well done Michael McDaniel. And yes just one person can make a huge positive difference.

    1. does he do cathedrals as well ?