Friday, June 8, 2012

Character Housebuses From Wayback When...

Wayback when the fastest thing on the roads was this first housebus, the 1929 Chevrolet or The Emerald Gypsy, a 1949 Ford.
The next one is possibly an Austin, then there's a Bedford and the blue one appears to be a Mercedes.
Then there's the Airstream and Mr Sharkey, who's a walking encyclopedia when it comes to vintage housetrucks, informs me that it was built on an Oldsmobile Tornado chassis and was one of GM's production experiments that didn't
do so well.
The vehicle was offered with a V8 gasoline engine or a diesel which was very smoky, unreliable and slow.
That was wayback though.
Wayback when there was a lot less plastic
on the roads...

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  1. Woud be nice to see more of these vehicles around today. They are so unique.

  2. Love that airsteam with a car nose sticking out of it!

  3. That one made from the Airstream is special, as they all are.

  4. Every time I think I have found my favorite housetruck...I find another!

  5. Yes my favorite is the airstream

  6. Gotta love 'em... I"ll take the blue one....

  7. There's something about this that reminds me of Donald Duck. Not sure what it is though.