Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Beautiful Bohemian Interiors Of Traditional Gypsy Vardos...

Some images of the lifestyle of the Gypsy Traveller that we can celebrate.
But we know too that the life of the Gypsy wasn't as beautiful as it seems. For centuries they've been, and still are hounded by the Authorities of whatever lands they've travelled.
These images are of an era of energy, style, colour and freedom of expression that's almost a thing of the past.
We can look back and admire these beautiful bohemian interiors that speak of a way of life that has all but disappeared.
Fortunately we have images like this to prove it did exist, that there was a life on the road that had romance and style before the world was morphed into one of mediocre sameness and blandness...

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  1. Oh wow! I want Betsy to look like the first pic!

  2. Thanks for sharing, these are a beautiful example of the gypsy life on the move.
    Lori D.

  3. wow they would jingle and jangle when on the move .That is the most amazing coal range ive ever seen

  4. A wonderful book about gypsy life in Eastern Europe between the wars is Zoli by Colum McCann,really incredible -
    This is a great blog! Thank you.