Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wonderful Creative Photogaphy At Annenberg...

This first image is titled 'Why don't we go home right now darling?'
If you're interested in creative photography,
or even if you're not,
I'd say 'why don't you visit the Annenberg Space for Photography right now, darling?'
It's right here darling. You might need more than one visit though.
The Annenberg is a cultural destination dedicated to exhibiting both digital and print photography by some of the world's most renowned photographers...

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  1. you can't actually call this photography. Photo montage is the pre digital word for it. There must be more of a cyber term for it. I'd be interested if anyone?
    They are interesting images all the same, although some what gimmicky and to call it photography rather puts another nail in the coffin of the simple timeless great images of the pre digital age.