Thursday, June 28, 2012

Living Life In A Gloriously Coloured World...

Colour me anything but please, please, please, colour me! Colour me fun!
What a drab, boring old world it would be
without colour.
What marvellous expressions of life and vitality these images show.
How wonderful that the town planners and city ordinances have allowed such 'in your face' creativity to exist in these urban surroundings.
Colour. It's a way of celebrating life!
From the top, there's homes in London, then Venice, then Portland Oregon, Ireland, Burano in Italy, Houston, Nicaragua, Buenos Aires and Tubinga Baden-Wurttemberg in Germany.
Let's put more colour in the world...

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  1. I have been to Murano the island off Venice where they do the glass blowing, the colours are an assault on the senses. Lots of fun ....

  2. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful
    Love the natural elements and textures and the interplay of dimension and symmetry and visual laughter and feel good effect of these... Lovely!

  3. Those home are beautiful and a joy to see, but I still prefer the country and what Mother Nature decorates.

  4. love these, we need so much more colour in the makes people happy :)

  5. It would be hard not to smile every day living in any of those places

  6. Beautiful! Yes, we need more color in our lives! I've the one yellow house with blue trim in a neighborhood of tans and browns. I love it! I think maybe a rainbow fence is in order.

  7. I have the exact same photo of the granada door.
    Paul F

  8. Your first picture is a little hub of shops off the main street in Covent Garden, London (England). It's a joy to visit, a little haven with an Auryvedic style shop, an independant hair salon and a good few eateries... anyone wanting to see it find Neals Yard at the tube station Covent Garden and anyone will point it out... so cool to see it on this site.

  9. Loved them all. Made my day, thanks for sharing

  10. AMAZING! Beautiful colours that calm the soul. La Bold London