Monday, June 25, 2012

The Magic Realism Art Of Rob Gonsalves...

Canadian painter Rob Gonsalves surrealistic paintings portray two seemingly different realistic scenes that magically merge into one.
He injects a quality into his realistic art that is really uncanny.
Have a good look at these.
You'll believe what you're seeing and then you won't believe it.
There's more to view here in a larger format.
Gonsalves work is much influenced by Dali, Tanguy, Magritte and of course, the perspective illusions of Escher.
The transitions that occur in his work are flawless, the detail amazing.
Look carefully...

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  1. What mind blowing art...

  2. The last picture remindes me of the book "New England Masts and the King's Broad Arrow by Sam Manning

  3. What unreal surreal dream-like work. Absolutely magical -- how these paintings suspend a tiny little moment of beautiful time, perspective, challenge, color, imagination, creativity...

    Life is a puzzle. A mystery. A tiny moment in time ever changing on the breeze, on the tide. These wonderful works represent to me how we really can make up and live in an enriching and glorious world we believe in -- sometimes we don't quite trust it, or ourselves, if it is something we haven't seen or known or experienced before, so we hesitate, sometimes for too long...

    What I love about these on this particular day, is that they show how we choose, as did the artist, at which moment we may want to suspend ourselves into and believe in. We accept these paintings before our eyes though they depict something seemingly incongruous. But look how seamless the supposed opposites overlap... That is where the magic is. These are just lovely.