Friday, June 1, 2012

How Many Workers Does It Take...

Many times we've all seen the scene
and been bemused by it.
One or two workers actually doing something and a team of observers standing around, well, observing, some taking notes, others writing reports, and some giving much needed advice and instructions.
Here's one team of road workers in New Zealand opening a manhole cover and the other in South Africa changing a street sign.
Both teams have obviously been trained to international standards and operational procedures with the requisite number of watchers to workers.
We should remember though as we smirk, that both these particular tasks, being performed under trying and difficult circumstances, require dedication, concentration, long hours of practice, preparation, skill and still, supervision...

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  1. It takes a thousand experts and over-seerers and only one worker.

  2. Well don't forget that John Key, New Zealand's pathetic, in my opinion, Prime Minister, promised to create more jobs!

  3. The second pic is actually municipal workers in Pretoria, South Africa sticking red tape on old street name signs.The counsel has decided instead of using money wisely on needed services they'll change the name of some streets to those of former anti-Apartheid strugglers. So now they put up new signs and put a red strip across the old name and here is where two guys do it and the rest look on ...

    1. Full marks EBS for spotting the deliberate mistake... Just kidding, thankyou so much for your attention to detail and commenting on it. Wonderful...

    2. It just goes to how vulnerable to miss guilder information we are though the media/internet. Or do we make up the truth and before we know it it becomes the truth.
      Even an insistent rather pa say joke.