Thursday, June 7, 2012

China's Sleeping Beauties...

It's evidently very difficult to get
a good night's sleep in China.
Could it be there's a shortage of beds?
German photographer Bernd Hagemann has been fascinated by China, it's people and particularly the way they tend to sleep at every opportunity. Everywhere, in the strangest places, positions and situations.
For some years he's been photographing the many hundreds of sleeping snorers.
Napoleon once said 'Let China sleep, when she awakens she will shake the world'.
He may well have been right.
My theory is that they work long hours and they're tired but what would I know.
You can visit more of China' sleeping beauties here but don't wake them...

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  1. I wish! And not to feel stiff as a railway sleeper afterwards...:-)

    1. Garsh this blog is exiting. i think I'm gon'a fall asleep...