Saturday, December 3, 2011

Architectural Innovation At Burning Man...

For the last fourteen years, photographer Philippe Glade has documented the unique architectural structures found at the Burning Man Festival.
I was over at the other evening checking his images out, you can too at
There's just so much creative talent out there in our world. Fortunately there are venues like Burning Man where it can be displayed with no bureaucrats around to hamper the ideas happening.
Imagine how exciting and interesting the world could be without local government restraints, if we weren't constantly being told how we can live, what we can live in and where.
Imagine for a moment that we are all truly free.
I'm probably just being silly.
A concept like that would never get off the ground...

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  1. If we could be free to live in what we liked where we liked, would we? Or would we still be restricted by our own attitudes & thinking. That's where true freedom comes from - I think.

  2. I love the idea of freedom, true freedom of mind and action, to create, discover and breathe the world through your senses without prosecution or ridicule: artistic freedom. Unfortunately, true freedom is impossible in our day and age, where greed and violence and hate abound. I hope someday my idea of freedom becomes the norm, when people learn to love and respect each other truly. Until then, laws and governments are necessary to give us the space to keep the dream of freedom, and experience it in our world as best we can. I'm fortunate that I have always lived in places where I have rights. Not everyone can say the same.