Thursday, December 8, 2011

Psychedelic Living...

Katwise is the amazing lady who's the owner of this property and obviously she has a wonderful sense of the outrageous. And good on her.
She's lucky there aren't any bylaws prohibiting individual creative statements like hers.
Then again perhaps there are and the lady's ignoring them.
A technicolor dream.
I'm sure the neighbours love it.
It's evidently somewhere near Woodstock.
I found Katwise's wonderful personal and creative statement on Deek Diedrickson's wonderful site here.
His is another great place to visit for some alternative and fun thinking on living in small spaces...
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  1. The person who owns this house is none other than the amazing "Katwise". She sells upcycled sweater coats on Etsy which are pretty much impossible to buy nowadays. She lives in upstate NY near Woodstock and this house is an old house her and her fiancee are renovating

  2. Thankyou for that. No doubt she's been amused to see her piece of art on various blogs and sites around the world... If you know how to get hold of the amazing Katwise you might tell her you saw her house here. I hope she approves...

  3. Hey, this ol' gal lives in a pink house(not by choice)but I've learned to love it...can't say fer sure about the neighbors, but we all get along. It used to house my antique shop, but I loved the old shack so much, I kicked out the shop and lived happily ever after...eccentricity is a good thing!!!


  4. Eccentrics of the world unite!
    Let's rid the world of boredom and mediocrity!
    Wow, that's a big ask. can you imagine a group of eccentrics getting together and agreeing on anything!
    Don't think so.
    Personal freedom of choice forever!
    Or even longer...

  5. I love it. It would fit right in with the East coast culture in Canada.

  6. Its a wonder of fantasy and expression.. my dream home!!! A creation through the eyes of clarity.. bold and brightly she goes.. Fab !!!