Friday, December 9, 2011

It's Not A Biggie, But It's A Beauty...

No, it's not a biggie, even though I tried to make it look massive by holding this 41cm Snapper well out in front of me so it looked bigger.
But it's a beauty and more importantly it's the first fish caught using my new thousand metre set line which I can either tow out with my kayak or in this case, it's carried out by an offshore breeze and a very large plastic tube full of air, tied at both ends.
And there it is, way out there.
Hundreds of metres offshore.
Can you see it, it's that yellow thing.
Here, borrow my glasses...
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  1. Congratulations. I guess now that you have a food supply they are never going to get you out of that place.

  2. Mr. Levy, you never cease to impress me.

    the rat

  3. Nice tan and what was served with that beautiful fish?

  4. Nice catch! Aw, I'm jealous of your sun, surf, tan... looking out my window, snow is coming down. A white world this morning.