Wednesday, December 14, 2011

David Shearer. Man Of The Year...

In July 2009, after he'd won the bye-election that placed him into New Zealand's parliament, I said that he would be the new leftist Labour Party leader after the 2011 general elections.
I said it again here a couple of weeks ago.
David Shearer has the X-Factor.
He's also a novice politician, freely admitting he's in need of media training to improve his communication skills as well as acknowledging he's untested on parliament's floor where things get down and dirty.
But he's used to down and dirty, in theatres of war and at trouble spots all over the world during his time managing aid missions for the UN.
His Caucus colleagues overwhelmingly voted him the new Labour Party leader yesterday.
Here is a man perhaps destined to become a great one.
His victory yesterday could well mean there are a few million winners.
This man has an opportunity to make a huge difference.
I hope he does.
We in New Zealand need such a person.
He's my Man of The Year...
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  1. Winston - gone and forgotten ...............

  2. The slow moving hand of the fickle Tortoise has moved on. Winnie, the smart and smooth lawyer has been dropped for a much nicer guy. That may be his main problem, he's too reasonable for the parliamentary rat race, doesn't have the killer instinct.

  3. Winnie? Winnie who?
    Yes, we need Winston now as I said back then. We need his wit, his personality, his eloquent patriotism. And we still do.
    We also were in much need of David Shearer and I'm delighted we now have him.
    In fact I'm pleased we have both of them...

  4. I agree NZ politics needs them both. I applaud David Shearer & the skills,talents & experience he will bring into parliament. I hope he will bring some worthwhile opposition & make a real difference to the future of NZ.