Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Taiwan's Rainbow Village Of Taichung...

Tucked away in a corner of the city of Taichung in Taiwan, there's a little village inhabited by 'military dependants'.
What was a dull, drab place has been transformed into a vibrant piece of art by 86 year old veteran Huang Yung-fu who first picked up a paintbrush only a couple of years ago.
With his simplistic style, he's adorned his little village into a 'must see' tourist attraction with many travelling thousands of miles to see the art of this 'Grandpa Moses' of Taiwan...

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  1. Wow that is something else...a color explosion!! I love the folk art technique...I will bet this lifts his spirits if he is a Veteran....It is most likely very therapeutic..

    Thanks for posting this...:)

  2. Good on him! I can think of a few more places around here that could do with this treatment! The authorities would have a hissy fit though, and probably a heart attack too! Then the painter would be sued!!!

  3. Wonderful art & at age 86. What's hidden in each of us that we haven't discovered yet.