Sunday, December 11, 2011

Living Large In Small Spaces...

A Small House Society was formed a while ago in the US by Jay Shafer, Shay Salomon, Nigel Valdez and Gregory Johnson. The aim of the society was to promote 'Better Living through Simplicity'.
Gregory lives in one of Jay Shafer's wonderful Tumbleweed tiny mobile homes called 'The Hermitage' seen below.
You can be part of the fast growing world-wide living small society by just having the desire to live more simply.
Life on a diet perhaps.
A very tasty and palatable diet that can give you the opportunity to find out just how much fun it is to live large in a small space.
Not only is it less expensive but you have so much more time to live.
And that's what life's about.
Henry David Thoreau said,
'Why does man spend his precious time working to earn money to buy things he doesn't need...

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