Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Living On A Shoestring...

A few more images of Shoestring.
See the previous post for the story of this little floating home.
She was launched amid much celebrations with my then partner Uschi having the well deserved honour of breaking the bottle of bubbly on her bow.
If you can dream it, you can do it...

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  1. Thanks, for these posts on Shoestring Keith. I hope you post some more, as it looks like a very intrigueing boat.

  2. Ohhhh.. Now this is a very nice boat...I am seriously looking for a boat of that size. Any idea if there are study plans or plans still available? I have googled it and found very little as yet...

  3. I'm sure Gary has some plans still available Joel, if you email me I'll try and sort something for you, and I may post some more details of it sometime too...

  4. Thanks Keith. I have tried using your email but my computer keeps telling me I haven't got an internet connection...?!? so I can't send an Email to you! Go figure that one...

    That'd be good if you can poast some more stuff on this boat.

    email: joel.delorme (at) btopenworld.com