Wednesday, October 26, 2011

This Year's Bedford Rally...

Thirty one Bedfords and two 'Wannabe's turned up at Lance Cryer's wonderful 'Bedford Heaven' at Puriri, just out of Thames on the Coromandel Peninsula for this year's very laid back event.
Among others were Rod and Dot in their newly painted and immaculate bus called Pseuper.
There was a Ford that was trying very hard to be a Bedford and had to bribe his way in.
And Peter and Lynley in Ruapehu Wanderer, who like Wayne and Hilary in their '52 J Beddy made the 1300 kilometre round trip from Wellington for the second time.
Make sure you get your Beddy in time for next year's rally.
Same time, same place...

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  1. Antiquated but delightful,long may they remain in use. The Beddies are much more personal than the 'road maggots' (white cabovers that crawl along the road).

  2. What wonderful vehicles + each one so unique. Looks like a fabulous rally + lots of fun had by all.
    Book me in 4 next year - I don't have a Beddy but could body paint myself + pretend!!

  3. Loving these photos - something about a Bedford is so homely. V x