Monday, October 10, 2011

Getting Off The Treadmill...

This old concept is about eliminating a mortgage type debt and using the very ground we stand on to build our homes says Ianto Evans, master Cob builder and architect of this beautiful Cob cottage in Southern Oregon.
Earth is still the world's most common building material. The whole building process is a sensory and delightful aesthetic experience, similar to sculpting with clay.
Cob building is easy to learn and the results can be individual and quirky.
It's very hands on and, what's most important, dirt cheap...
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  1. Keith I found a poem in one of my kids' books that I thought you might enjoy. Patty

    The Tortoise

    It creaks along,
    In need of oil,
    From stone,
    To Creature.

    The cogs grinding,
    In the old-fashioned motor.
    Plodding patiently,
    Head swaying
    Rhythmically with its body.

    Its shell house
    Its old wrinkled skin,
    As it drags its feet
    Along its surroundings.

    by Samanth Blamey

  2. Hey Kieth, I didn't know you had wrinkled skin.

  3. That's me, head swaying, eyes rolling, unbelieving of the world and what it's up to... thankyou Patty.

  4. LOL Keith... I was talking about your rig, not you....sorry...