Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fashion. It's Gone To The Dogs...

It's nothing new.
Billions of dollars worldwide are spent annually, pampering and grooming pets of all description.
Patterns for Paws is a fashion show for dogs and was held recently at Lauderdale, Florida.
The event was organised to raise funds for sheltering, caring and providing medical treatment for homeless pets.
They were hoping to raise $25,000.
What a great idea.
Next they could do it for humans...
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  1. I am so sick of people raising dogs to above human. Animals are animals, and yes I'm all for being "humane." Sometimes I think the humane thing to do is put unwanted animals down. So that we are not wasting tons of money feeding, caring, and housing these animals. We could maybe help, I don't know? People? Patty

  2. what an awful thing to say i can only imagine you must be a very hard uncaring person..animals provide love and comfort to lonely people, they are wonderful companions , ask any pet owner, ......i would rather have animals than some of the people who class themselves as part of the human race today....