Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Port Jackson Petition Update...

I'm sorry. My apologies. It was very naive of me. Incredibly stupid really to think for a moment that 1080 signatures out of a possible 1250 would be sufficient to make a difference to New Zealand Government's Minister of Conservation.
The arrogant Minister Wilkinson has chosen to totally ignore, to not take the slightest bit of notice, to treat with complete contempt and do nothing we asked her to do on the petition that was finally presented to her in April of this year. Apart from saying that before any future changes are made at Port Jackson, some campers would be invited to discuss them.
Yeah, right...
The bollards that were removed by protesting campers in January have now been replaced.
Once again a Roundup type spray has been used on the grass to compartmentalize the camping ground so everyone now has to camp in the 'little boxes' you objected to so strongly.
This in my opinion is nothing less than environmental vandalism.
For those of you who thought you could 'freedom camp' at Port Jackson over the holiday period this summer, think again. You will now be like 'caged chickens', 'confined campers' placed in allotted squares where one size fits all, whether you have a two person tent, a large family one with awnings, a small camper or a large housebus.
The Department of Conservation couldn't care less about your wishes to keep camping simple and back to basics. They and their needs are much more important than yours. They have introduced these measures to cater to their 'bottom line' and to hell with you and me.
Good luck to the campers who are going to Port Jackson over the December/January period. You'll need it.
Good luck to all those campers who've been going there for thirty or so years and have preferred sites. Good luck with the one and only boat launching site and good luck with your complaints to DoC.
If these arrogant and ignorant politicians and bureaucrats won't listen to us then it could well be time for some old fashioned protesting and civil disobedience.
It's election time and 'open season' on politicians in November this year. I say it's time for a huge national 'culling' of the majority of them...
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  1. Well done keep up the protests. I think It's appalling that the public + campers have so little say. Arrogant govt bungling at its worst.

  2. I think you should run for office. It would be OK as long as you could make all meetings by cell phone from the flying tortoise.

  3. We are in complete support of you -as are many others we have spoken to.
    DoC is not a people friendly organisation - they need a massive make over - pruned from the top down and new attitudes introduced.

  4. That's very disappointing that nothing's changed from last year, and no doubt the situation is going to get worse for those that know and love Port Jackson and have had it good for so many years up till now. Good luck to them all for this years "holiday". Glad I won't be there!