Monday, October 24, 2011

Eeds. A Worldwide Problem...

I've been thinking for some time about all the 'Eeds' in the world and what a major problem they are.
And they're getting worse, causing more and more grief.
So what are they? I may have come up with the name but it's not rocket science.
Eeds are easily identifiable. You know them already. And you may know more.
Sure, there's Need but the real trouble makers are Speed, Creed and Greed.
We know that Speed kills and we also know that there have been more wars with people killed because of Creed than for any other reason.
Except perhaps for Greed.
Just take a look around you. Look at history and look at now. When will we learn.
When will it all stop...
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  1. It will stop when there are no more people.

  2. Well said - I agree. However, I think creed, greed + speed could be translated to power which is then misused to control. Man made creed that has power, controls + kills.... man made greed whether wealth, food or resources that are accumulated while others starve or are killed in wars..... are not reflected in any philosophy worth considering. Misused power on roads that maims + kills is another form of misused power.
    Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Sad ....... let's try love, peace, respect consideration ....