Monday, October 17, 2011

Images Of NZ Maritime Disaster...

These amazing images of the cargo ship Rena were captured by photographer Katie Cox who managed to get through the cordon established around the stricken ship.
The Rena is stuck on the Astrolabe Reef off the east coast of The Bay of Plenty, close to the port of Tauranga. Many containers have already fallen into the sea and as you can see, many more are about to.
Some have been washed up onto local beaches.
Much of the thick oil carried in the ship has leaked out and is polluting many of the beaches and islands in the area.
More than a thousand birds have died already and the situation isn't going to get better anytime soon...

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  1. And still the media doesn't give all the details that they see. Under tthe wave in the last photo, above, a hatch cover is missing, exposing the hold underneath and allowing water in. The hatch cover would be about 45 feet long, by 24 feet wide in size. It can only have left the ship since it has been stuck on the reef.

    This Ship was recently detained in Australia due to problems with securing hatch covers. Yet it has since lost a hatch cover. About a week before the wreck, Rena was inspected by Maritime New Zealand, in Bluff and allowed to sail. When Rena was berthed in Port Chalmers, the crew were given some old jackets etc,, due to them not having adequate clothing.